Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm back...more or less

Sometimes life interferes with blogging. When I last posted, I was living in Charlottesville, VA, and had just put my house on the market. Eight days ago, I moved to Denver--or rather to a hotel in suburban Denver, and then yesterday to a hotel in downtown Denver. (Sooner or later I'll have a real home again, but that's another story.)

Between dealing with the selling realtor & the buying realtor, fixing up & clearing out one house (including disposing of some 500 books), negotiating to buy another, contacting schools here & there, hassling with United Airlines over pet transportation (GRR!), coordinating my panels for next year's VaBook Festival, etc...well, let's just say that blogging fell by the wayside. So did reading other people's blogs. In fact, so did any online activity that didn't directly pertain to Real Daily Life.

As a way of dipping my toe back into the blogging waters, let me point you to the ever-entertaining Miss Snark, the Literary Agent, who wisely observes in a post entitled, "Money can't buy love...and a few other things either":
And remember, throwing lots of money at a publicity campaign is often not as effective as you think it will be. You can BUY advertising and marketing support. You can buy a publicist's time, but you cannot buy publicity. You can generate it, you can support it, but you cannot buy it.