Thursday, September 01, 2005

Life intrudes

What with the horrendous news from New Orleans, schlepping to the doctor with Darling Child in the a.m. (stomach pain from as-yet-undiagnosed ailment), and then to the emergency room with him at 6 p.m. (who knew he'd developed an allergy to apples?), I'm in no humor today to prattle on about my fabu travels or the State of Publishing. For the record, I can think of few more depressing places--other than the Superdome--to have watched the NBC Nightly News than the E.R.

However, Bloomsbury USA saved the day somewhat with a review copy of a debut YA novel by Rick Yancey, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, which I found on the front porch on the way out this morning. Darling Child dove into it and was laughing aloud by page 2. (Unlike his doting mama, he can read in the car without getting nauseous.) He read all 339 pages through without stopping. Lest you get too impressed by his reading prowess, he noted that the type is large and there's a lot of leading between the lines. But still...Looks like another winner for Bloomsbury USA's impressive list. Incidentally, for those needing escapist fare, whether young adult or old, I heartily recommend the Stravaganza and Faerie Wars series, both Bloomsbury imports from the UK.

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