Sunday, May 07, 2006

She Lived With Her Boots Off

Here's an update on Bella:

She's made great progress during the week, but has a long way to go. Still don't know if she'll have surgery -- there's a possibility it won't be necessary. And she comes home tomorrow night. Expected recovery time is 8-10 weeks. Despite the breaks, bruises and a concussion, she is in good spirits most of the time, has sharp thinking (except sometimes from pain meds) and her sense of humor.

She's been at Swedish Medical Center, and we've been very pleased with the staff there. This is true: on one shift yesterday her nurse's name was Madonna and the tech's name wasBritney (not sure of spelling). No sign of Guy Ritchie or Kevin Federline, however.



Sylvia Hubbard said...

my prayers are with Bella for strength and a pleasant recovery.

Christine Fletcher said...

Thinking of you, Bella--hope all is on the mend!