Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Philosophy Club

Sometimes there's a payoff to doing nothing. In April I bought a packet of morning glory seeds, but never got to plant them because of my smash-up. All summer I lamented my barren, sun-blasted backyard, where much of the grass died from not being watered. Back in VA, our grass died from too much shade. I don't think I have an aptitude for turf.

Darling Husband has been too busy to attend to the back 40 (feet, not acres). Surprisingly, it's lush and green now--though with weeds and rampant ailanthus, which latter we had cut to the ground in spring. Where there was lawn, now are coarse, tallish plants topped with graceless seedheads. I was all for having them whacked till the other day I saw sparrows and finches perched on them, nibbling the seeds. Best of all, there are morning glories everywhere. Bright pink ones.

Just call me Chance the gardener.*

*I just moved "Being There" up my Netflix queue; loved the book too.

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