Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Publicity Terror Tale #5: Stupid Author Tricks

Be afraid...be very afraid. A publicist at a large New York house writes, "I don't know if I dare share these."
  1. The author who called me late at night, at home, while she was in a hotel in the Midwest, to complain that she didn't like her pillow.
  2. The author who cursed me (and the other publicist) with major F words, out in front of an audience AND the media at a midtown B&N.
  3. The author who was arrested on an outstanding warrant during an event in Texas.
  4. The author who contacted the event host to cancel an event, but didn't tell us, citing that he was sick, but all the time he was in his hotel room, and hadn't even bothered to fly to the event city. And he double billed us, claiming that he HAD gone to the other city (when hotel bills confirmed he hadn't). He's the same one who wouldn't shake hands with anyone, and insisted that nobody make eye contact with him. [Darling Husband asks: Who is this guy--the Emperor of Bookistan?]
Happy Halloween!

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The Blue Eagle said...

Intersting stuff u r blogging here.
Makes a very good read.