Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Screwed on Straight

In my August 15 post, Still Screwed, I commemorated last year's insertion of the hardware in my right arm. I wondered whether scheduling three workshops and as many dental/surgical procedures in three months indicates that I am:
a) optimistic
b) in denial
c) nuts
d) all of the above?
Commenters responded that I am:
a) optimistic
e) brave as hell (thanks, Kim Stagliano!)

But upon suffering an infection after last week's oral surgery and root canal, I've decided that the answer is:

d) all of the above!
Or maybe:
Upon coming to my senses the other day, I jettisoned the November 10 workshop in DC and moved the NYC workshop, originally slated for Oct 20, to that date. Guests are the same, plus publicist Kelly Powers of Obie Joe Media, who was slated for DC.

And I'm giving myself more time to heal by putting off cosmetic dental work till early next year. I'll just avoid smiling widely (not an issue right now as my mouth remains too sore to do so).

The LA workshop is still on for September 29. Laurie Viera Rigler, author of CONFESSIONS OF A JANE AUSTEN ADDICT (it's a blast; you must read it!), just came on board as a guest speaker. See complete fall workshop schedule here.

On Sept. 30, I'll be on a panel moderated by publicist extraordinaire Kim Dower, "How to Make a Book," at the West Hollywood Book Fair.

Then on Oct. 3, I'll have my nose broken. Think I'll stock up on tequila and audio books, as I won't be able to wear my glasses for a while.

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