Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dumbest News Story of the Year

Headline & first graf on front page of today's Denver Post:
White Christmas chance is 50/50

A white Christmas — at least like the ones we thought we used to know — is as unlikely in metro Denver as a sane shopping mall experience.
Why this is dumb:
  1. We had a blizzard just before last Christmas, so it was very WHITE.
  2. As of yesterday, we had ca. 4" of snow on the ground, which is...um...WHITE.
  3. IT'S SNOWING LIKE CRAZY RIGHT NOW. There is at least 5" of new snow, which is--you guessed it!--WHITE. (And of course our street hasn't been plowed, which further jeopardizes our plans for dim sum & flick.)
New Year's resolution #1:
Maintain subscription to the
New York Times.

However, there was this priceless jump hed in the Post's print edition:
BELLS: Pet pig ate Gift's chime sheet music

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LaGrinchitaSnarkita said...

so, did you have a white Christmas?