Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Showdown at the Kitty Corral

Snowball the trespasser beats a slow-motion retreat from Max the Mauler.

While I was making sales calls for Bella Terra Maps this afternoon, some high drama was playing out next to the house. Next-door neighbor Snowball came over, and as usual, had a faceoff with Max.

We can't figure out whether Snowy is really stupid or just stubborn. Max almost always beats up on him when he comes over, and Jenny almost always barks at him and chases him away. (She didn't today only because she was napping.) Still, he's constantly in our yard, and sometimes even sits on a kitchen windowsill and peers inside.

We have feline rock-paper-scissors going in the neighborhood: Max clobbers Snowy, Snowy clobbers the black cat across the alley, and that cat clobbers Max.

Update: Next day, the Boy Wonder found Snowy in our basement. He beat a hasty retreat out the window we'd left open for Max, who apparently needs to get a lot tougher.

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Shauna Roberts said...

Snowball is not the only dumb one. I've seen these repeated intrude—back off very slow incidents between cats many times. I guess Snowball figures one day Max will have an injury or something, and Snowball will get Max's territory and warm bed in your house.