Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Horrors Begin: Stupid Author Trick

From Anytown, USA:

Anonymized to protect the clueless.

An author is invited to present a workshop about creative writing at a writing center with more than 100 members. Said author accepts, then later backs out for reasons that are not the fault of the writing center.

Author, whose book is about...CREATIVE WRITING, then emails writing center and asks that the review copy of his book be returned to him, rather than left in the library of writing center with more than 100 members.


Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Doubleyou Tee Eff. Hopefully, said author has had either a life-changing crisis or a massive panic attack. Then it would all make sense.

Jill Edmondson said...

I can't even begin to understand why an author would do this... I get the old saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity" and in this case maybe there is. This action could only serve to alienate potential readers.