Sunday, March 14, 2010

Point of View

I'm just back from a week in New York, where Darling Husband and I signed a lease on a 1950s ranch house in Rhinebeck.

In square footage (1300 vs 1900) and architecture it doesn't compare well to the Victorian house in Denver we're selling:

But lot size (1/2 acre vs 40x100 ft) and the view looking out make all the difference.

From the front:

And best of all, from the back:


Bossy Betty said...

Congrats on the new nest. Love the view from the back window!

Debra L. Schubert said...

Congrats, Bella. I hope you are very happy in your new home.

Queen of the Road said...

Lovely, Bella. And, in one of my fave parts of the country (and you know I've been just about everywhere).

Bill Peschel said...

The back view really makes up for it. I've lived on a half-acre, and now that I'm on a smaller lot, I really wish I had it back.

Bill said...

And in my hometown no less. I grew up in Rhinebeck. Enjoy it.

Carolyn said...

She's BACK!! Love the new look. Hope all goes well in the new location.