Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Son the Rapper (and Political Satirist)

The smartasses at are at it again. In response to the appearance of MC Rove at the Radio & Television Correspondents Association dinner, the SA crew have been posting raps for Karl Rove (poster boy for white guys who can't dance). The Boy Wonder composed these, which I think are brilliant:
Allow me to reintroduce myself
My name is ROVE, R to the OV
Used to hate liberals in the OC
Now I'm fightin the DMC, Rove!
Right out the gate I wanna kill Hussein
All those bombs I'd make it rain

With so much drama in GOP
It's kinda hard bein Karl R-O-V-E
But I, somehow, some way
Keep bustin on them 'crats like every single day
Well I might just get a few contributions (yeah)
After '06 I need some retribution (yeah)
Eight in the evening and the fundraiser's still rakin' in dough
Bitches payin eight grand for some chicken and potatoes

If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems and Clinton ain't one
I got 'crats crushin my strategy in 06
Tryin to put me down just for kicks
Bitches like Kerry want me to testify
He just tryin to rectify

So transcribe this: fuck off, you lost
Obama tryin to make a run for it
All the contributors with their money, pourin it
Best listen up, you ain't no Lincoln
Closest you'll get is lookin at mine
With the tail light blinkin

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elemental emcee said...

I did the Karl Rove rap quite some time ago:

Allow me to re-introduce myself

I'm Karl Rove. R to tha O V
I kill US troops by the humvee
I guess even back then you could call me
CEO of the GOP (rove)
Fresh out the frying pan and into the fire
Political propaganda #1 supplier
They liars if they said that I'm leaking some names
Esp. someone's wife at the CIA
Thats right Rove, not ODB
I'm known to send fake letters no one can smear ya better
I run shredders like a shrewd defector
My homie George told me yee haw for Texas
You know I'm running shit when I work for rednecks
Skip a lexus, ride around in bomb proof streches
And let me tell you fools what I'll do to protect this
I'll but up the ballot and I'll rig the election, KARL ROVE