Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry & Me 2

The Boy Wonder finished Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows in the wee hours this morning and handed it off to me this afternoon. I was all set to read it, but upon discussion with BW, realized that I could barely remember what happened in the preceding books. HP6 is a complete blank; I'd even forgotten who was the eponymous half-blood prince.

BW half-jokingly suggested that I reread the entire series before tackling book 7, as it references characters and events in the previous books. He also warned me that it's not very funny, whereas book 1 is wrily humorous from the very first sentence (he checked).

I thought, why the hell not? So today I gobbled up Harry Potter & the Sorceror's Stone. I have just a few pages to go, which will send me happily off to sleep, and tomorrow I'll start book 2. These are just my speed: it's too hot (near 100 the past few days) for any more "serious" reading and I could use some time in a magic place, with happy endings.

Sure wish I hadn't given away the ARC of HP1 and loaned the hardcover first edition of HP2 way back when. I never got the latter back and they're both worth a tidy sum now. Who knew that Harry Potter would be the biggest thing to ever hit publishing?


Cole said...

My oldest son has been doing the same thing...rereading all the books again so he'd be ready when the new one came out. :) We get it today! YAY!


Kim Stagliano said...

I'm 75% through HP7 - no spoilers, don't worry. I will say JKR DEMANDS you have memorized teensy details from all of the previous books to the point where I want to bonk her over the head. Really. It's one long inside story - so do brush up your Shakespeare, so to speak. Or you'll be confused and grumpy. :)

Bella Stander said...

I'm confused and grumpy already (on account of the heat, not Harry). Guess I'd better start taking notes.