Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Witching Hour

I had to see the Harry Potter phenomenon through to the end, so at 11:40, the Boy Wonder and I toddled up the street to the Tattered Cover, and this is what we saw in the parking lot:

The scene directly inside:
Used to be most of the people waiting in line were preteens; now they're mostly teens and adults. Apparently the audience has been aging along with Harry. Case in point: the Boy Wonder has grown from about 4'6" to 6'4".

Scene on the main floor; most of the people are standing in line (BW is at bottom left with back to camera):

The Tatt's MC at 11:59 p.m.

And they're off! The line zipped along, as it was only for those with prepaid vouchers. People just exchanged a voucher for a book; no money changed hands and the cash registers were silent.

A young wizard waits his turn in line. (Another was trying a disappearing spell on the throngs ahead of him, but it didn't work.)

The Boy Wonder in line, grimacing at the horror of his doting mama not only breathing the same air as he and his nearby friends, but having the temerity to snap his picture.

And so to bed--with LOOK ME IN THE EYE, not HP7, which BW has in a death grip.


~~Olivia said...

I was there last night, too. The bookstore was in Anytown, USA. We waited three hours till midnight, then one more hour after that. And it looked like our colored bracelet group was not going to able to buy a book for ANOTHER hour. So, we went to the 24 hour grocery store and picked up two copies. No more waiting, no more lines, no more tired cranky kids (me!).

Carleen Brice said...

Bella's right: They started trading vouchers at 12:01 and I was back home at 12:14. Very fast!

My hubby and I are so nerdy (er, excited), that we each have our own copy. I'll send mine to my niece for her birthday when I'm done (should be by Monday).