Friday, January 25, 2008

Fun Fact for a Weekend in Bed

This shocker just in from author Tim Schaffert, guiding spirit of the (downtown) Omaha Lit Fest:

Books are better than sex.
According to a survey conducted by Entertainment Weekly, more people have been spending their spare time during the writers’ strike reading books than having sex.

Well, the exact figures are: 40% of those surveyed have chosen to read more books during the strike, while only 9% are “having more sex.” This is a far more encouraging survey than the endless parade of dismal stats (99.6% of Americans haven’t read a book since Judith Krantz’s Scruples!) meant to bully the general public into feeling obligated to read.
Another shocking fact: The Lit Fest will survive.
Though our website is hopelessly out of date, and our funding is minimal, we will be back in September 2008. Because, quite simply, we’ve heard that books are better than sex.
(Darling Husband would disagree with the latter statement, but then he doesn't live in Omaha.)


Eric Riback said...

Didn't Warren Schmidt drive from Omaha to Denver to get some action?

Carleen Brice said...

Hey Bella, I'm going to be at the Omaha Litfest this year! A hometown girl. :)