Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Many people have expressed sympathy for my seemingly endless medical woes. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, which soon bores even me. (Reading an engrossing book is infinitely more therapeutic than whining.)

But, as I am relieved to tell everyone, "At least I don't have cancer!"

Author Patry Francis isn't so lucky.

For the past few months Patry has undergone surgery and other treatments for an aggressive cancer, which she has written about with characteristic grace and humility on her blog, Simply Wait.

Last year during BookExpo, I had a marvelous dinner out with Patry, writer Susan Henderson and novelist Tish Cohen. (See BEA Party Girl: GalleyCat; includes pic.)

Now Susan has spearheaded a blog day, in which 300+ bloggers are featuring Patry and today's paperback release of her thriller, THE LIAR'S DIARY. Please read Susan's post and watch THE LIAR'S DIARY trailer.

Update: See Promo by proxy in Canada's National Post.


Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Hi, Bella. I've been trying to visit all of the blogs who posted in support of Patry yesterday and have given up hitting every one of them. So now, I'm moving down the list to the writers I know. Your post reflects your spirit with characteristic candor and hope.

Will you be at BEA in LA this year? I'd love to do sushi with you again if you are.

Blessing + kiss = bliss.

Bella Stander said...

Wow! There were some 400 at last count. I'll be at BEA again. See you--and all my other publishing friends--there.

Sustenance Scout said...

Bella, thanks for the link to the NP article! K.