Friday, March 28, 2008

The Grass Is Always Virginia

I took these photos on Wednesday, my first full day back in beautiful Charlottesville, my late (lamented) hometown.

Left, community garden behind the English Inn, where I used to walk Jenny.

Darling Husband and I picked up Joshua Henkin (MATRIMONY) at the airport on Wed., as he was on a panel that evening at VaBook. We gave him the Anti-Brooklyn Experience by taking him to the sumptuous and ├╝ber-goyische Keswick Hall for lunch.

Josh Henkin at Keswick Hall. At his back is the golf course, designed by Arnold Palmer.

God bless America, springtime, and especially Mr. Jefferson's University (that's UVa to you). The statue of TJ, as the locals call him, can be glimpsed on the far right.


Kalynne Pudner said...


Thanks for posting the pictures; they almost make me feel like I'm back at Mr. Jefferson's Resort -- er, I mean, Academical Village.


anneglamore said...

Am missing the Grounds and ghost of Mr. J everywhere. It's a beautiful time of year there!

Patrice Kyger said...

Bella, thanks for doing the "Promoting Like A Pro" panel this morning at Festival of the Book! -- it was, like all your panels, delightful, informative, amusing and delicious. No, wait, that was the hamantash pictured with your husband...confusion....

It was great to see you up on the dais again, hope you enjoyed it, too.