Monday, March 16, 2009

Brava, Booksquare!

Kassia Kroszer at Booksquare offers a devastating critique in New Think? Not So Much, beginning with:
Nutshell analysis of the “New Think for Old Publishers” panel at South by Southwest 2009: there was a not a single new think in the room.
She ends with advice for publishers that works just as well for authors seeking to promote their books:
Might as well address the blogger question. It’s quite simple. Find the bloggers big and small in your various genres, develop a relationship with them, understand their tastes, like, dislikes, deadlines, lead time, preferred method of communication, preferred formats for books.... Treat the bloggers with respect — you need them more than they need you. And note, the publishers [and authors!] who are already doing this well are leaps and bounds ahead of you.

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