Friday, March 06, 2009

Odds & Sods

Too occupied with consulting, editorial work (I'm done with Maine & on to editing the Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses Map now), sore arm (don't ask) & being knocked out at dentist today (ditto) to write any coherent blog posts.

So here are some tidbits I picked up during free moments at Twitter, plus a BONUS! photo.
  1. Clich├ęs cluttering your manuscript? Sweep them away with Clich├ęCleaner.
  2. It's cyber Titania & Oberon: Robot Programmed to Love Goes Too Far.
  3. Jason Pinter decodes Blago's book deal and Phoenix Books publisher Michael Viner's HuffPo column about reaction to said deal.
  4. Headline of the day: Octopus gets inside lunchbox at Boston aquarium. Takeaway: A 7' long, 30-lb octopus can slither through a 2" hole.
Best of all, a photo taken in my backyard yesterday, where it was 70+F:

My little apricot tree started blooming today. But this being Denver, there's talk of snow in the foothills tonight, with a high of 40 on Saturday and a chance of rain. We sure could use it, the ground is dry as dust.

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Amy Nathan said...

I just downloaded the trial of Cliche Cleaner and it's fabulous. I'm not going to buy it until I'm in the last leg of editing my WIP - but I can see how it would really help. It not only shows you cliches but your own repeating phrases -- I knew I had those but it was hard for me to remember each one and change it as I edited. This will be a great way to go through each chapter and fine-tune (which I think is a cliche) it!!