Friday, September 24, 2010

Canine Couch Battles, Round 2

Abby 2 days ago after a good night's sleep (note pillow on floor), with her ball & Boy Wonder's gently chewed shoes.

In my July 24 update on Mother's Little Odalisque, I said I'd put heavier furniture on the couch (see above) to keep Abby off. That worked like a charm. Now my Clever Girl is pulling the throw pillows, which I stack on a chair at night, onto the floor to cushion her weary head. One of my next purchases will be a cushy dog bed, which she'd damn well better sleep on.

Caught in the act 10 minutes ago.


Pets home said...
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natalie said...

Just a thought, but what I would do is spend money on new pillows for
YOU, and then use all of your old pillows to stuff a large dog bed cover. You can also fashion one out of a slip cover, too. It looks like what Abby wants is something with your scent. Then, every time you change your pillows, just switch out her old ones with one of yours.

~Nancy said...

Dogs, gotta love em!! Sometimes I think they are smarter than us' or is that cats? I have both, along with Chickens, quail and guinea fowl... ah life in the country. Love the pics and the story.