Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Fun in the Back 40

A snowstorm is Nature's way of saying "Stay home!" And I'd gladly hibernate inside, only I have this 64-pound bundle of joy that needs off-leash romps several times a day. So I put on the puffy jacket, pulled up the tall boots and ventured out.

Abby went over to the car, as usual, and was incredulous when I started walking up the street. After a bit of convincing--she didn't understand about the driveway not being plowed--she came bounding through the snow. We trespassed in our neighbors' backyards (nobody else was outside; go figure) then ended up in our own, where I took these pictures.


Real cab driver said...

The weatherman says a foot of snow today. It's not that cold out, 20's, but the wind is around 20 mph, so it's real cold.

Gromit Smileydog says he's up for going out. He says all that snow will take away the odor of everything, and he'll have to start over, yet again.

Very cool photos!

john said...

I wish my country has snow.