Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ultimate Writing Prompt

My driveway was plowed early yesterday--apparently after the newspaper was delivered, as I spotted its bright blue plastic wrapper peeking out of a snow bank this morning. I read the "Weekend Arts" section over lunch and hit gold in an article about the Winter Antiques Show, A Smorgasbord of Fine Art, the Strange and the Old:
At Allan Katz, there is a sculpture of two voluptuous nude women, one fondling the other’s breast, smoothly carved from a solid block of mahogany. This comical, curiously erotic fusion of autodidactic craft and neo-Classical style is believed to have been created by an unknown artisan about 1920 for a Buffalo sex cult.
1920. Buffalo. SEX CULT.

Think of the possibilities: Farce, murder mystery, morality tale, amorality tale...against a backdrop of snow and Niagara Falls.

The mind boggles.


Anonymous said...

The old song is "Buffalo Girls won't you come out tonight." These girls were prostitutes!

1920 Buffalo and SEX CULT go together.

Bella Stander said...

'Fraid not. The song is "Buffalo GALS" (also New York City Gals, etc., depending on where it was performed), dates from 1844 and has nothing to do with prostitutes. See Wikipedia: