Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why It's Called a "Deadline"

On the front page of today's Denver Post, there's the sad tale of the death of artist Luis Jimenez, who was killed by a falling portion of his massive sculpture of a mustang that had been commissioned by Denver International Airport more than 13 years ago. Jimenez had missed four deadlines--most recently on May 31--and according to the DP, "In 2004, a mediator had to intervene when the artist refused the city's request to refund its money and allow someone else to finish the job." I imagine there are editors who have fantasized (or will now) about similar fates for authors of long-overdue manuscripts.

In other art news...If like me and Darling Husband, you gag at the icky-poo world depicted in the images manufactured by Thomas Kinkade, "Painter of Light" you MUST see these hilarious creations at Something Awful (again, thanks to the Boy Wonder). My favorite is on its own page, "so as not to infect any other images."

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