Monday, June 26, 2006

Please, Not Before My Coffee!

This morning, the Boy Wonder and I moseyed up the block to the just-opened Tattered Cover, which moved its entire inventory to the new location yesterday. We walked in the side entrance, closest to the cafe, and right in front of us was a large shelf unit marked "Bestsellers." At eyeball level was GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism by Ann Coulter, whose smirking face I can't abide, especially first thing in the morning.

"Eww! She sure doesn't look like she goes to church," I remarked. "She looks like a devil."

"She is the Devil," Boy Wonder snapped back.

Darling Husband just returned from his tour of the store and he too was creeped out at being greeted by Coulter. He and Boy Wonder insist she's a tranny; BW claims she has an Adam's apple.

To give the Devil his/her due, try your hand at this fun--and scarily challenging--Hitler vs Coulter quiz. You'll be amazed by who said what! (I scored a 10; DH 9; BW 8.)

EDIT: For an antidote to the forgoing, see the Borowitz Report: U.S. Threatens to Launch Ann Coulter Towards North Korea.

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Christine Fletcher said...

This would be screamingly funny--if it wasn't so scary.

I hardly ever forward anything by e-mail, but this is going to be an exception. Thanks, Bella!