Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cue the Beach Boys!

Ugh! The view from my front door at 1:30pm.
Yes, it's s***ing yet again. I woke up to 2 inches of new s*** this morning and another 2 or 3 inches has fallen since then. The last few times it s***ed, I got into the spirit of the thing and played Prokofiev and Tchaikowsky. But no more. As I wrote the last time it s***ed, enough is enough.

This morning I decided that it was time for optimism (aka "denial"). So I played two Beach Boys albums (would you believe that with 700+ vinyl records and 300+ CDs, we don't have a single recording of "California Girls"?), followed by some cuts from Brian Wilson's "Smile," ending with "Good Vibrations"--cranked way up.

I so can't wait to go to LA on Friday!


Katie said...

You know it s***ed in Santa Monica last week, don't you?

Bella Stander said...

No...How did I miss that? But I'm sure the s*** didn't stick around, as it has here for more than a month. (SIGH)

Gina Black said...

It s***ed in Malibu, not SM (according to my DD who lives in SM).

However, it is very cold here in (not so) sunny SoCal. Us tropical creatures who inhabit the area are unprepared for the temperatures we've had lately.

Bella Stander said...

I guess I won't leave the long johns at home.