Friday, January 05, 2007

Cue "Lara's Theme"

Enough is enough already!

Yes, it's snowing yet again. We got 3" overnight, with a few more inches to come till the storm moves off this evening. That's on top of the 8" we got last week, on top of the 24" we got the week before.

This is NOT what I signed on for when we moved to Denver.

Everyone keeps assuring me that this sort of thing "never" happens here. HA! One thing that truly never happens, though, is plowing the side streets--not even in the toney neighborhoods, as I discovered the other night when I went to a book group meeting. However, I was treated to the marvelous sight of a fox dashing through the snow just in front of my (very slowly moving) car, its tail streaming like a great plume of smoke.

I took a photo of the view out my office window--even cleaned up my desk to do it!--but Blogger won't let me post it right now. Will do so later.


eric said...

Just wanted to drop a note to say I found your blog and enjoy it.

Sorry about the house, horse, and snow woes. Trouble and jokes are said to come in threes, so I guess you're due for better things in 2007.



Bella Stander said...

Threes?! I should be so lucky. I think my troubles got into the double digits in 2006. I should start counting the jokes; I'll bet my therapist would agree.

Zany Mom said...

As someone who has never even been to Colorado (so take this for what it's worth, LOL), I always assumed that it *did* snow a lot in Denver, just based on news reports of snow and airport closings and the like. But what do I know?

I'm certainly not complaining about the 60 degree weather in New England. ;)

Eric Riback said...

Most of the snow you read about isn't in Denver - it's in the mountains or the plains. This sounds like a joke right now, but Denver is technically a desert with less average annual precip than L.A. You wouldn't know it right now, though. These last storms have hit Denver and the Front Range (foothills) pretty hard, but the plains have it worst with thousands of cattle dying and people stranded in their homes.

Katie said...

I would say I'll trade the LA wind for your snow, but I've been told to be careful what I wish for.

Zany Mom said...

Thanks, Eric! I never knew Denver was technically desert. Cool!