Monday, January 29, 2007

Albert Hammond Was Wrong

It does so rain in Southern California! In fact it poured, man, it poured in L.A. on Saturday night when I stepped out to a party in silk shoes--and nearly stepped into a big honkin' puddle. But at least it wasn't snowing, as it had been (again!) in Denver that day, and the temperature was well above freezing, so I was happy if a bit damp.

I know there's no place like home and all that, but given the two feet of snow that is still blanketing Denver, plus the sub-zero temps and flurries forecast for later this week, I'd happily spend a few more days (like, 60) in LaLa Land. Provided, of course, I could stay in the same posh little hotel, eat at fabu restaurants and shop at Loehmann's and the cunning little boutiques on West 3rd Street whenever the mood strikes. And of course not have to worry about mundane details like family, work and who's going to pay for everything.

At least I came home with great memories--and an armload of grapefruits and lemons that I liberated during a walk around the neighborhood. I would have picked some bananas too (see below), only they didn't look ripe...I guess. I mean, who knows when bananas are ready to be picked, when the only ones you've seen are in a pile at the supermarket, plastered with Chiquita stickers? Now instead of reaching for low-hanging fruit, I'm back home reaching for my long johns.

Danger! Audrey 2 is alive and well and living in West Hollywood.


Katie said...

*cough* And met some awesome people. *cough*

Bella Stander said...

Yes indeed, AWESOME *cough* Katie *cough*

Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun. And I'm jealous about the oranges and grapefruits. I miss going to Florida and stocking up on citrus.
LOL about the banana tree - it is awesome. You can pick green bananas - they will ripen beautifully in your house. It you put them with apples, they ripen even faster, so don't put ripe bananas with apples in a bowl or they'll rot. (and I have no idea why this is so...)

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad you did not try to shimmy up that jaggedy, flesh-slicing tree trunk. Loehmann's is much safer for you. ;)

Tish Cohen