Monday, May 19, 2008

The Book Publicity Blog

For an exhaustive compendium of book publicity info and analysis, check out The Book Publicity Blog, begun in March. I'll be reading it regularly.

The blog's writer, Yen, mentions that it pertains to his/her (unnamed) day job, and that s/he reads 2000 (two thousand!) headlines a day from a feed of some 200 blogs.

I'm wondering how Yen has time to:
  1. do "real" work.
  2. sleep.
Note: The above contains corrections made in response to a comment from Yen. I had erroneously attributed The Book Publicity Blog to Andreas Viklund, who designed its Wordpress template.


Yen said...

Hi Bella -- Andreas whoever designed the Wordpress template that I happen to use. Hope you find The Book Publicity Blog helpful.


Yen said...

Thanks! :)