Saturday, May 03, 2008

Great (Nasty) Minds Think Alike

I made sure to put the 4:04pm MST post time for the Kentucky Derby on my desktop calendar, with a 10-minute warning beforehand. I didn't bother to synch it up with my Palm, though, and merrily drove off at 3:40 to take the dog for a long walk in the park and then go grocery shopping.

Darling Husband got home around 6pm and said, "Who won the race?" I'd forgotten so completely that I answered, "What race?" Oops.

So I toddled upstairs to check the Derby results online. "Big Brown won by 5 lengths, from the #20 spot on the far outside," I called out. "And Eight Belles broke both front ankles and collapsed when she got over the finish line. She had to be put down right away." I told DH I was glad I'd missed the race, because I couldn't bear to have watched that. The memory of seeing Barbaro run on his floppy broken leg still gives me shivers.

Then a happy thought came to me. "Oh man," I said to DH. "Hillary said she was like Eight Belles and said, 'Bet on the filly.' So she's going to be beaten by the big brown favorite and will stagger to the finish, then be destroyed."

"You are really nasty," said DH with an amazed grin.

A couple minutes later, I clicked onto my latest addiction, Time's The Page by Mark Halperin. And look what greeted me:


Katie Alender said...

Isn't it horrible? Poor horse!

Doreen Orion said...

Your comment was much funnier than Halpern's (and nastier, too, of course).

Bella Stander said...

Yes, it was horrible. Don't get me started on how these baby racehorses are pushed beyond their limits. (Horses used for riding and jumping don't begin training till they're around 4--and then gently--as their bodies are still developing.) See So Where Does the Horse Racing Industry Go From Here?

And yes, I'm nastier than Halperin, but pleased to be considered funnier.

Kim Stagliano said...

It was shocking, wasn't it? I feel so terrible for Eight Belles team. The loss only made the winner's team look so much more vulgar. Did you see the wife with the cheesy strapless dress that looked like it was from Annie Sez? She kept hoisting it up over her chest as it slid down. And the monstrous flopppy blue hat she wore that looked like a limp afterthought to the white dress. And the horrible young woman (owners daughter?) who chewed gum into the camera as the owner was receiving the trophy with such vigor she rivaled Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka.

Meanwhile, Bella, could you just thinking to yourself, "Kim's going to get a monster book deal and live happily ever after." at your convenience? I thank you.

Bella Stander said...

Now I'm REALLY glad I didn't see the Derby on TV! I saw photos of Chelsea Clinton there online & must say that pearl gray (dress and monster chiffon hat) is not her color. Though she didn't appear to be chewing gum. (I wonder what her newly blue-collar mom says about Chelsea's hanging out with the elites at the race?)

I'll think/wish fervently for you, Kim, but you do know that living happily ever after doesn't necessarily follow a monster book deal, right?

Eileen said...

Snort. The horse part isn't funny of course, that is tragic.

Sustenance Scout said...

Ditto. It's all pretty unbelievable. SO glad I missed that race. K.

Carleen Brice said...

Too too perfect, wasn't it? (Not the broken-ankle part, of course)