Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gail Konop Baker Saves Thanksgiving!

I'm the only person in My Gracious Home who likes pumpkin pie, so it's fallen off the Thanksgiving menu. But what to replace it?

I'd been mulling ideas (I've had lots of thinking time on airplanes lately), but hadn't come up with anything other than apple pie. It's good, but hardly festive.

A few minutes ago I checked out the blog of consulting client Gail Konop Baker, author of CANCER IS A BITCH: Or, I’d Rather be Having a Mid-Life Crisis. And there, posted Nov 5, was the recipe for:

Problem solved.

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Mr. Obie Joe said...

Ah, you've got to try Razzleberry Pie. Regular pie crust, then throw in half raspberries and half blackberries and lots of sugar. Since the berries are expensive this time of year, you can try the frozen kind without too much of a loss.