Thursday, November 20, 2008

Virtual--and Visual--Treasure Trove

The LIFE magazine photo archive, with millions of photos (some never published), is now online--and best of all, searchable--via Google. Start looking HERE.

I searched for "stander" and found pix of my father I'd never seen before. The one above is by famed photographer Gordon Parks, taken in May 1950 on the NYC set of St. Benny the Dip. Dad played one of a group of cons (a "dip" is a pickpocket) who disguise themselves as clergymen. He's flanked by Roland Young (misidentified in archive caption as Charles Ruggles; I sent Google a note) and singer Dick Haymes.


Carleen Brice said...

How cool...and how strange it must be to find pictures like this!

verification word: dishn. :)

Bella Stander said...

It is cool...and strange. I've filled in so much of my father's life, as well as family history, from online sources.