Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Awww" for the Day

As counterprogramming to The Big Game (since I'm not an official sponsor, I can't mention the Super Bowl), here's a genuinely heartwarming story, courtesy of the Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine: A True Whale Tale


Kim Stagliano said...

Just looking at that photo relaxes me. And now I'm craving lobster for breakfast!

When I was a kid, we spent part of the summer in Falmouth, on Cape Cod. We always drove over to Nobska light in Woods Hole. One year the foghorn blew as we were right at the lighthouse! We talk about that in our family to this day. I have Nobska on my fridge no matter where I live.

Have you read, "The Fog Horn" by Ray Bradbury? It's a poignant tale.

Lobster and blueberries. Yes.

Good luck with the project.


vord ver: mendem. "When writing a proposal, sometimes you have to memdem." ;)

Bella Stander said...

Now I want lobster too! I'll have a (homemade) latte instead.

Don't remember the Bradbury story, will look it up.