Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life Intrudes Yet Again

Woke up this morning all fired up to:
1) Continue unpacking & organizing my office.
2) Prepare for my Book Promotion 101 workshop in LA on Saturday.

First I took my Aussie-Golden mix out for a nice long walk in a wildish section of park along Cherry Creek, where there's no one to snarl at you about leash laws. It was warm (50s), sunny, not too windy for a change--a perfect Denver day. Got back home even more fired up to Get Things Accomplished.

But first I had to feed myself and dog. Gave her a bowl of chow and she dove right in. Then I heard jingling (license) & flapping (floppy ears). OK, so she had a tickle in her ear. More jingling & flapping a few seconds later. Must be quite a tickle, I thought. A few more seconds go by. Jingle/flap. A few more seconds. Jingle/flap. Over and over.

I look in her ears. Oh no, here we go again...

New to-do list:
1) Search piled-up boxes in hallway, bathroom & basement for doggie ear wash & antibacterial goo.
2) Corner dog, wash ears, insert goo.
3) Prepare for workshop.

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