Thursday, January 26, 2006

Woody Allen Was Right

It's true: 80% (or was it 90%?) of life is just showing up. I had a reservation for the Dave Barry lunch sponsored by the Denver Press Club. I was running late, had a million things to do around the house (we're still all over boxes) had to call various contractors (the heat isn't working right--Grr! Brr!), web site to update, workshop to plan for & publicize, etc. I was going to cancel, but thought, What the hell? The house can be cold a little longer, and at least I'll be warm at the lunch.

So I went. Got there 15 minutes late and only heard 10 minutes of Barry, who had to dart out for an interview. But sitting at my table were the director of a local literacy program and the manager of The Rock Bottom Remainders (the band with Barry, Amy Tan & other bestselling writers), who it turns out I'd met at a BookExpo party a couple of years ago. We got to talking, swapped cards and info, and wound up being among the last people to leave.

Moral: Be there.

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