Friday, February 02, 2007

Joke's Over

It's s***ing again; current temperature is 1˚F. Forecast is for up to another 2 inches of s*** tonight with a low of -6˚; high tomorrow of 8˚ (eight degrees!). The exciting news is that the temperature is supposed to get above freezing on Monday. All I have to do is get through the next three days...and the Super Bowl. Ugh.

Oh, how I wish I were going back to Los Angeles, even though my eyes sting the whole time I'm there. (Similasan drops are a girl's best friend.)

Update 7:45am Fri 2/2:
It's -11F outside; it got down to a record-breaking -18F at 5am.

The headlines on today's Denver Post are a marvel of contradiction: "Grim assessment on climate" is the banner above a 4-column photo of snowy traffic with a 2-column header, "A BITTER BLAST OF WINTER." To the right is the subhead "Warming 'very likely' man-made: NO STOPPING IT NOW." (Well, yeah, we have the heat on inside and we're
sure as hell not turning it off.)

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