Monday, September 17, 2007

The Awful Truth

Publitron, co-writer of my new favorite blog, Slunch, offers terrific publicity advice in A Thousand Splendid Blogs-an open letter to Peter Sacks.

Over at Heretic Spire, a Damn Lie author Cherie Priest has churned out an instant classic of authorial advice: Things I've Learned Since My First Book Got Published.

I've been...GASP!...writing lately. Willingly, yet. (Better late then never.) In so doing, I've discovered that I'm one of those people who can spew into Word or spew into Blogger, but not both. Hence no blog posts for the past six days.

I was going to bang out more deathless prose today, but woke up feeling stupid and viral. And now I feel even more stupid after spending 3+ hours vainly searching for the errant HTML that's screwing up this one web page--but only with Explorer; Firefox is A-OK. No creative writing for me till my brain unclouds.

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