Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quote for the Ages

The writer's life would be ideal but for the writing. That was a problem I had to overcome.

Then I read in the Guinness Book of Records about Earle Stanley Gardiner, the world's fastest novelist, who can dictate up to the rate of 10,000 words a day. That was for me! None of that romantic stuff with a typewriter; I had better uses for those two particular fingers.
--Michael Caine as a schlock fiction writer in "Pulp" (1972), written and directed by Mike Hodges.

I just watched "Pulp" after having bought the VHS off eBay last year. My father has 3rd billing, after Caine and Mickey Rooney, and all three give standout comic performances. Until the confusing mishmash of an ending (surely more plot/exposition could have substituted for the grisly wild boar hunt that runs under the final credits), the movie is a total hoot, with wonderfully witty dialogue and narration. Great scenery too: the pic was shot entirely in sunblasted Malta. The only dud is "the girl"--Nadia Cassini, apparently cast for her ultra-long legs, displayed to full advantage by teeny-tiny hot pants and platform heels. (Which are back in fashion why?)

Darling Husband and I were cracking up over the ultra-1970s soundtrack, only to have our jaws drop when the credits revealed the composer to have been George Martin.

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Eric Riback said...

I thought Nadia Cassini was brilliant.

What'd she say?