Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Love the Smell of Jet Fuel in the Morning

Views from outside my hotel.

Keep left!

The Las Vegas airport terminal is visible in the center background, right.

Actually, the smell of jet fuel has always made me queasy. My hotel, the hyperbolically named Alexis Park Resort, is near the Las Vegas airport. So near, I discovered on my way back from breakfast, that the terminal is a straight shot out the back of one of the perimeter parking lots. Said parking lot, I also discovered, is in the flight path for approaching jets.

Hence the overwhelming stench of fuel in this morning's damp and stormy air, and periodic thunderous roaring, which I'd been mistakenly attributing to the hotel's heating system. (My windows face an internal courtyard planted with tall pines and grass, so the surrounding views were new to me.) The planes come in so low I bet the passengers could see me wave--or duck and pray.

Today's news flash: Las Vegas has real weather!

It's been blowing like mad all day and this morning was even spitting rain. Now it's up to 57F, but when I first went out it was in the upper 30s. Britons would have felt right at home.

(left) Hard Rock casino, Sunday morning.

There's a construction slump?
Who knew?


Southern Writer said...

Did you fly Rocky Mountain Scareways? (Looks like the weather we're having in Memphis tonight. Tornadoes everywhere.)

Bella Stander said...

Nope; Southwestern. My flight landed a few minutes early so I was able to go caucus. Lucky me! A couple hours later, my husband's colleague's flight on SW was canceled, for which she got zero apology--or sympathy--when she checked in. She wound up jumping a flight on Frontier.

Awful about those tornadoes!