Saturday, February 02, 2008

Satan is Perfecting His Double Lutz

News flash: Hell has frozen over.

Why? Because I volunteered--willingly!--to go to Las Vegas, where I swore I'd never go.

Why? Due to my surgery on Jan. 2, I had to cancel my annual midwinter Book Promotion 101 workshop in L.A. Then I started missing warm weather, swimming pools and palm trees. Then I remembered that Darling Husband was going to a trade show in Vegas the same weekend (i.e., this one) that I was going to hold my workshop. Then I found out that he was booked into an all-suites hotel, with THREE swimming pools, TWO hot tubs, and ZERO gambling. Then I got a $159 fare on Southwest.

So I've been in Vegas since Thursday, returning home just in time to caucus on Tuesday.

Here's another news flash: Hell isn't the only place to freeze over. So does Las Vegas!

It's been down in the 30s at night; right now it's all of 48F. Tomorrow's high is projected to be 50--WITH RAIN. And on Monday, the forecast is for RAIN & SNOW, with a high of 49.

Looks like I'll be spending more time in the bathtub (extra large, fortunately) than the hot tub. But at least there are palm trees. Who knew they could take frigid temperatures?

N.B. I'm still holding the line at Disney World. One must maintain some standards.

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