Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vertiginous Valentine

Want to make your loved one dizzy? Don't have time to scamper out for a card or chocolates?

Then download Timothy Schaffert's short story, “The Lovers of Vertigo,” part of the light reading series at Featherproof Books.

Timothy writes:
The story is a bit of a horror-show, full of unspeakable language, terrible cruelty, an unauthorized “Vertigo” tour of San Francisco, and love, sweet love, in hideous disguise. Please consider it my Valentine to you, and I ask that you don’t judge me too harshly for its content. Romance is a very strange bird, and it’s not my fault.

Just print it out, and fashion it into a book courtesy of the instructions available at the site. Adorn the mini-book however you see fit. Bedazzle it, if you choose.

And linger at the website… there are many other fine mini-books available, as well as some excellent maxi-books.

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Southern Writer said...

Crap. I've got some kind of problem with Adobe, and can't open any pdf files until I figure out the problem.