Tuesday, February 05, 2008

They're Gonna Love These at Whole Foods!

Swag from the SHOT show.

That's what I said to Darling Husband when he showed me the tote bags pictured above.

"That's why I got them," he replied. Great minds think alike! (But really: Adult precision air guns? Shudder...)

While getting ready to tuck into enormous slabs of meet at Lawry's Prime Rib on Saturday night, DH's coworkers talked about the creepy things they saw while walking the aisles at the show. There were several purveyors of Ghurka knives (left; photo lifted from Bob Tice Knives); one showed a video of a knife being used to hack a side of beef to shreds. "Ewww!" everyone shuddered. "Yeah, and their pitch line is, 'We sell lots of these in Sierra Leone!'" I said, not so sarcastically.

There were also many spears on display, with one exhibitor running a video showing a man stabbing an extremely lethal-looking spear deep into a big block of wood. I'm trying to figure out why your average sportsman or deer hunter would need one.

And then there were the Playboy bunnies modeling Tasers, which really gave the guys the willies. My tagline got a good laugh: "Don't tase me, ho!"


Sustenance Scout said...

Yikes all around, Bella! K.

Southern Writer said...

(Head shaking)Did you go to a gun show???

Bella Stander said...

I passed on Darling Husband's offer of a show badge. Anyway, this wasn't a gun show; it was the Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show. DH was there to sell map products to the outdoor trade.

Southern Writer said...

Ah. No harm there. My husband and I are outdoor people, too. You're in or near Denver, right? I used to live in Colorado. Gorgeous place.

Yes, nasty business, those tornadoes. They touched down all around us, one within a mile from our house. Being the strange things they are, we barely even got any rain from it! That came later in the following thunderstorm.

I'm really enjoying your blog.

Bella Stander said...

Yup, in Denver proper, after being 10 years in Charlottesville, VA. Saw my share of weather there: 2 hurricanes came right through town & tornadoes were nearby--though the latter weren't as close nor as destructive as yours.

Kim Stagliano said...

Playboy bunnies and tasers? "Shockings in Stockings!" "Tramps and Amps!"


Kim Stagliano said...
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Bella Stander said...

Very funny, Kim! Though having been married to an electrician, I have to point out that it's volts, not amps, that do the shocking.

Kim Stagliano said...

Bella, no problem. "Dolts who give Volts." Et voila! (Thank you for the electrical lesson.)