Monday, August 18, 2008

Ask Barbet Schroeder, Not Amy

What happens when a married guy gets hung up on a dominatrix; from the 1976 Barbet Schroeder film, "Maîtresse."

The Boy Wonder and I had a good laugh over the lede in today's Ask Amy:
Dear Amy: My husband of 20 years has basically left me for a woman who is a professional dominatrix. He has been seeing her for a year now.
Which reminded me:
Time to put Maîtresse in my Netflix queue. I saw the film in a theater with the Ex a gazillion years ago. We nearly died laughing when, at the end of a scene in which Gérard Depardieu emerges unscathed from a car crash, someone behind us said, "Nothing could kill that big lummox!"

Gotta love the costumes by Karl Lagerfeld, reverberations of which abounded in the ads and features in yesterday's NY Times women's fashion supplement.

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