Monday, August 18, 2008

Sour Grapes Morph into Egg on Face

Remember how last week publicists Kelley & Hall broadcast their bitter feelings over not being publicly acknowledged by THE LACE READER author Brunonia Barry for the work they did?

Well, the Aug 17 issue of the Cape Cod Times has a feature about Barry and the book: Salem author takes unusual path to publishing a best-seller.

Check out the lede in the fourth graf:
She and her husband also hired a public relations company, Kelley & Hall Book Publicity and Promotion in Marblehead.
Moral: Vent all you want, but don't click "Send."


Blair said...


Is it coincidence? Or is it possible Barry read the complaints, felt bad, and made a point of acknowledging the former publicist?

Bella Stander said...

The article was in the Sunday paper, so was probably filed days before. Which means that Barry was giving K&H credit at about the same time (or even earlier) that Kelley was circulating her complaints about lack of same.

And sure, the Cape Cod Times is a small paper. But this is the height of tourist season, so I'm sure the piece was read by many people, including those from New York and other major markets.

Blair said...

I actually made a little headway in the book last night, before I drifted off. Have to admit I don't like it when a character's psychiatric medication (stelazine) is just kind of dropped in at the beginning of a book, though....

Anonymous said...

I'm now convinced that the most effective selling of a book is done before the thing is in the stores. Any advice on what authors can do to get booksellers' attention pre-pub? What about sales reps? If the publisher isn't making your book a big push for reps, is there anything you can do to get them excited about your book?

Katharine Weber said...

Bottom line with this whole story -- you really wouldn't want to do business with either the authors or the publicists.