Monday, August 18, 2008

Heartbreaking Quote

Tayari Jones has a link to an immeasurably sad story that ran in the Washington Post:
Soul Survivors: James Brown's Children Are in Court. They Might Have Settled for Love.

The article made me feel as though I and my 5 half-sisters from my father's many marriages got off easy, though I see a few parallels between his and Brown's personalities. One happy difference is that my dad wasn't the obsessively controlling type; another is that there wasn't a litigious free-for-all at his death.

Bass player Bootsy Collins, who played with Brown and then with my all-time favorite group, Parliament/Funkadelic, had this to say:
"I had this puppy I had when I was a kid in Cincinnati...And this puppy was really sick, and I took it to the vet, but they wouldn't admit him because, you know, I was a kid and I had no money. And this puppy died right there in the lobby. And I always felt that something like that happened to James Brown. That loss is unspeakable, and he just didn't want to be attached to anyone."

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