Sunday, August 20, 2006

Only a Short Breather

Multi-tasking with Max

I got bored lying around reading and thinking (can't have too much of that, can we?), and a little while ago determined that it is indeed possible to use my laptop while flat on my back with my arm up on ice. That's just when Max decided that it was the perfect time to ensconce himself on my chest. Odd how such a time often occurs when I'm otherwise engaged.


Christine Fletcher said...

In my experience, cats only ensconce themselves on one when one is otherwise engaged. Otherwise, what would be the point? (The point being, of course, that they're more worthy of our attention than anything else in our world).

Molly and Seamus send their kitty regards to Max!

Anonymous said...

Here via Dana'a blog,
just to say -
That one way to put hair on your chest.