Saturday, August 19, 2006

Taking a Break...I Mean a Breather

I was so excited to be back home with self-bending digits yesterday that I spent way too much time sitting up, much of it online. At the end of the day my arm was swollen and hot, and had turned all sorts of fun party colors. I had it up on a pillow overnight, but apparently not nearly high or straight enough, because this morning it was even more swollen and colorful.

So now I'm spending most of my time flat on my back, with the arm on ice at a good upward slant. This is not compatible with using a computer, though it is very compatible with having 13-lb Max nap on my chest--his favorite spot in cooler weather. People say you can't train cats, but he has learned not to walk on me via my right arm. I think my hollering and violently tossing him overboard may have had something to do with it. Now if I could just get Jenny dog not to nudge that arm when she wants me to pet her...

And so to bed.

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