Friday, December 01, 2006

Latin Ending

Per the preceding post, Steven P. Hill, professor of Cinema Studies, Univ. of Illinois, wrote:
For future reference, you may want to adjust the little header on the next anniversary remembrance of LS's passing to the feminine accusative "-am" in Latin, that is, "In memoriam." ("Memorium" would make a gender switch to neuter...)
Therefore, in accordance with Prof. Hill's feminine accusative, I offer this edit:

In Memoriam
Lionel Stander (center) in an episode of "Hart to Hart"


Kim Stagliano said...

Lord, that brings back memories. Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusatory, Ablative. The noun versions in Latin, singular and THEN plural to memorize! Memory is a feminine noun "Memoria, Memoriae F, Memory, that's why Professor Igginshay is telling you to make the ending AM instead of the neuter UM.

NONE of which makes you miss your Dad less.... I love the photos and plan to look up more of his work.

Kim, who always did love Latin class believe it or not.

Semper ubi sub ubi!

Kim Stagliano said...

WOW! Your Dad had an amazing career. And I loved his voice. I can still hear him from his role on Hart to Hart. Pretty cool.


Bella Stander said...

My language in school was French. The only Latin I learned was from a friend, who used to quote me these declensions for "war": "Bella, bellorum, bellis, bella, bellis." This was one of the more innocuous jokes on my name I've been subjected to over the years.

And I miss my father's voice most of all.

Kim Stagliano said...

Yes, from which we derive the word bellicose and ante bellum (before the war). I prefer the Italian Bella which means beautiful -- although my own little Bella (Isabella) is both beautiful and occasionally bellicose! Happy holidays, Bella. I hope you hear your Dad's voice in your dreams. Even better than on TV, since he'll be speaking just to YOU.


(Note: No mathematics appeared in the post to protect the illusion that I am educated.)

Sam said...

Isabel on a bike really necessary?
My best friend Isabel got that joke all the time from her dad.
I remember your dad too from TV - and yes - great voice.
I lost my father and it is still an ache.
My mom (always so helpful) says it will never go away.
But it's an ache I've come to cherish - isn't that strange?