Sunday, December 03, 2006

Self-Promotion: What Works & What Doesn't?

On Nov. 28, in "A Lesson in Self-Promotion," GalleyCat posted a link to How I Promoted My Book by David Louis Edelman, author of the sci-fi novel Infoquake. Edelman took stock as follows:
  • Promotional efforts that were well worth doing.
  • Promotional efforts that may have had some positive impact, but it's hard to tell.
  • Things I tried that have had seemingly no impact.
  • What lessons have I learned?
This is such a good idea that I'm going to "sample" it (y'know, like Ian McEwan did with that WWII nurse's memoir in Atonement). To that end, please make out your own lists as per the headings above and send them to me: {bella at}. I'll post them here and cite them (with attribution, natch) in my workshops. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

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