Friday, December 22, 2006

The Whiteness of Being

Lantern Waste...The view from my front stoop Wednesday night.
As reported, we got the Big Dump O' Snow in Denver, with some 2 feet falling from late Tuesday night thru Thursday noon. Though there wasn't a cloud in the sky all day Tuesday and the weather forecasts here are notoriously unreliable (I'm still fuming over the unforeseen -13 last February when our heat was on the fritz), I heeded the reports of a coming storm and stocked up on groceries. Good thing, too, as the Boy Wonder (nearly 6' 4", 132 lbs) seems to be eating for three these days, and he would have cleaned us out by yesterday morning.

I was feeling all safe and smug and toasty, hunkered down with Darling Husband, the BW, Jenny dog and Max cat, visions of a huge pot of stew dancing in my head. Then yesterday I went into the basement in search of my snow gaiters, which I'd stowed away somewhere really clever...and forgettable. (I'd already scoured the whole upstairs for them.) And what did I find but a large pool of water on the floor emanating from the kitchen waste pipe (repaired in the spring) which was steadily dripping onto a stack of cardboard boxes. Oh @#$%*!!!

I will draw a discreet curtain over the ensuing scene. The happy news is that nothing important was ruined and a large picnic cooler is now catching the drips until the plumber, who fortunately lives nearby, can dig out his truck and make his way here. And I found the gaiters in a waterproof bin, well away from the leak.

Jenny (rear) frolicking with a neighbor yesterday.
Max is electing to remain indoors.

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