Friday, December 22, 2006

Around & About

After reading news, edtorials & opinions in the papers & online, I'm awash in words. So here are some pictures--OK, with some explanatory words--to cleanse the mental palate.

Shades of me (w/ camera) & Darling Husband overlooking the mighty Mt. Vernon Creek in Morrison, CO, a few days before Thanksgiving.

Telluride, CO, four days ago.

One of my favorite road signs, on I-70 heading D-O-W-N towards Denver, taken on the way back from Telluride. (Another fave reads "Correctional Facility. Do not pick up hitchhikers.")

Side view off my back porch yesterday. The big egg is the grill.


shannon said...

That's a great sign! (At first I thought they had made a spelling mistake with "down" instead of "done" but it's almost like a pun.)

"mighty creek" oh so cute!

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!

Sam said...

Don't pick up hitchhikers? LOL!
Love the snow - it only snows here for about a day or two each winter, so of course we all await for it with impatience. Right now it's frosty and muddy.
How nice to have a white Christmas!

Eric Riback said...

That reminds me: There is a type of smoker called the Big Green Egg. I really think I need to get one. Not enough room on the grill if I ever need to do more than one brisket or picnic shoulder at the same time.