Friday, November 17, 2006

Mondo Skank 2

GalleyCat has great coverage of the Judith Regan/OJ Simpson publishing debacle...oops! I mean and here, and rightly points to today's Publishers Lunch as required reading. Michael Cader of Lunch organizes his reportage and commentary under these barbed headers:
    If You Can Believe It
    If She Really Wanted to Get the Message Out
    If He Confessed
    If He Wrote It
    If She Meant It
    If She Didn't Report to Someone Else
    If They Sell It
Cader links to Regan's extremely creepy so-called justification, entitled "Why I Did It." Though really a far more fitting headline would be "Why I Need More Psychotherapy--Lots of It!" Cader suggests reading the piece in entirety but I had to start skimming halfway through, at which point I was already screeching "EEWWW!!!" and feeling the need for a shower. A very long, very hot one. GalleyCat astutely observes:
somehow this has become all about Judith Regan and less about, oh, everyone else whose relevance to the story is far, far greater...
Cader notes that Regan's boss is HarperCollins head Jane Friedman, and asks:
So who is responsible? And where is Jane? So far Friedman and HarperCollins have declined requests to comment publicly. But Friedman has the power to do the closest thing left to making this right.
GalleyCat goes even further:
Maybe the time has finally come for Regan and HarperCollins to get a divorce. Or at least, making Regan an "independent entity" of NewsCorp so that she reports directly to Murdoch and is chiefly responsible for all marketing, promotion and distribution of future books published by the imprint.
But the last word belongs to the wiseguys at Something Awful, which has a news report from the future, A Look Back on the Regan Interviews, which recaps Regan's "series of award-winning interviews" in 2006-2009.
Regan raised eyebrows, as well as the bar for journalism, when she agreed to pay O.J. Simpson over three million dollars for a faux confessional book and an accompanying televised interview special. The Simpson interview was so successful that Regan embarked on a series of interviews in an effort to hold the cultural zeitgeist and enrich the field of journalism.
Four "interviews" are given: with OJ Simpson, Charles Manson, Idi Amin, and last but not least, Judith Regan. Yes, she interviews herself, and it's marvelously nasty and profane.


whitemouse said...

There is no such thing as bad publicity. I really applaud what you're trying to doing here, but it will backfire in the sense that it contributes to the buzz surrounding the book. People get curious about the things that have outraged others; just look at James Frey's success after his lies were discovered.

I agree with you completely, but please - boycott not just the book, but also the discussion of it. The less said about O.J.'s book - on the blogosphere or otherwise - the faster it will die.

whitemouse said...

PS - You can replace your blog entries on the O.J. book with the following graphic:


Anonymous said...

What they hell was that bizarre self-indulgent ramble in the Post about anyway? Conclusion:- she's a nutter. A sleazy, greedy one.

Stewart Sternberg said...

You are much more articulate than I have been over this whole affair. Apart from the Regan issue, I've been pointing my finger more directly at Murdock, the sonovabitch who owns the network and the publishing company. This book would most likely have slunk to the back of the store, along with her other more recent atrocities, had it not been for Fox's promotion. The other networks thumping their collective chests and giving free publicity in the process doesn't help matters either.